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MCBHS Calcutta’s

MCBHS features numbers “big money” calcutta’s!

Get in on the action with one of the numerous big money calcutta’s that take place the Wednesday before BHS weekend and on Sunday during the $50,000 PRCA Match Bronc Ride.

Join us on Wednesday, May 17th at the Bison Bar for our first round of calcutta’s which includes the Friday PRCA Permit Challenge, Sunday PRCA Match Bronc Ride, Wild Horse Race, and the Bucking Horse Futurity.

Calcutta Schedule

  • May 17th - Bison Bar Calcutta
    • Wednesday, May 17th

      • 7:00 PM
      • Calcutta’s for:
        • PRCA Match Bronc Ride
        • PRCA Permit Challenge
        • Wild Horse Racing
        • Bucking Horse Futurity

  • May 21st - Fairgrounds Match Bronc Ride Calcutta
    • Sunday, May 21st

    • 1:30 PM
      • PRCA Match Bronc Ride Long Go Calcutta
      • Separate Short Go Calcutta prior to the finals

Big Money Calcutta's!

Calcutta Information

MCBHS features calcutta’s that are held both before the BHS weekend as well as on Sunday during the $50,000 PRCA Match Bronc Ride. The Wednesday, May 18th Bison Bar event features calucta’s for the Match Bronc Ride, Permit Challenge, Ranch Bronc Ride, Bucking Horse Futurity, and Wild Horse Race. On Sunday at the Fairgrounds, there will be a calcutta for both the long and short go of the $50,000 PRCA Match Bronc Ride.

MCBHS Calcutta InfoMCBHS Calcutta Info